Terms and Conditions

Updated: 13/03/2021


The following terms and conditions apply to all services, including web design and hosting, provided by Diamond Boi Limited (Max Diamond / Diamond Boi LTD) to the Client, in conjunction with any relevant quotation provided to the Client. Acceptance of a quote, purchase and/or use of the Services provided shall be considered acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

Project Summary

The Project Summary is a receipt including the following information:

  • The services required of Max Diamond by the Client
  • The total fee of the Services required
  • The downpayment required to start work (min. 25%)
  • Estimated Time till Completion
  • Any other relevant information


Web Design

The charge, or quotation, for Web Design is sent via email to the Client as part of the Project Summary. This quotation is valid for a period of 30 days in which afterwards Max Diamond reserves the right to alter, or decline to undertake the project at hand.

Unless otherwise agreed with the Client, all website design services require a downpayment of a minimum of 25% the total quotation before work commences. The remaining 75% is required prior to the publication of the website.

Web Hosting

If the Client requires hosting for their website, a charge will be quoted in the Project Overview sent to the Client. Under normal circumstances, this charge will be the same as quoted on the website (As of 13/03/21: £10/month) although this may change depending on the situation. I.e number of Websites needed, the size of the Website, monthly visitors to the Website.

The quoted fee for hosting occurs on a monthly basis and Max Diamond reserves the right to increase or decrease the monthly charge on a 2 month notice. Clients will be notified of this change via Email and reserve the right to decline the change in price. The Client agrees this may result in a Termination of Service.

See Example Below

Current Charge Date of Notification New Charge Date of Effect
£10 / month 13/03/2021 £15.00 13/05/2021


If the Client requires a domain name, a charge of £5.99 to purchase the domain for 1 year will be quoted in the Project Overview. The Client will be notified two months, and again 2 weeks, before the renewal date of the domain with the charge required in order to renew it for 1 year.

The Client can request to buy or renew a domain for multiple years. In this case, the charge will be the price to buy or renew for each year.

As Diamond Boi LTD buys the domain on behalf of the Client from a registered Domain Registrar, a renewal fee is not a fixed number. This is due to the fee fluctuation of Domains on an annual basis. In any case, the domain renewal fee will not be higher than £20 unless stated otherwise.

Invoicing and Payment

Invoices are sent to the Client via email, although a hard copy version of the invoice is available on request. Payments are due within 14 days of the date the invoice is sent unless otherwise stated on the Invoice itself.

Invoices sent via email can be paid online through an included link to a Stripe checkout, or through direct debit to Diamond Boi LTD. Bank Details can be supplied upon request.

Monthly invoices for services such as Web Hosting will be sent on the 15th of each month. Client’s can request to make a payment earlier in which an invoice will be generated and sent via Email. Domain renewal invoices are sent 14 days before the renewal date set by the Domain Registrar.

Web Design - If the payment is not made within 14 days, Max Diamond will halt work on the website. An additional fee on top of the failed payment may apply if the Client wishes work to continue.

Web Hosting - If payment is not made within 14 days, Max Diamond will halt hosting services for the Client’s websites. If after 30 days the payment is not made, Max Diamond will completely remove the Website from hosting services.

Domains - If a payment is not made within 14 days, the Client risks losing the domain altogether. Max Diamond is not responsible for keeping the domain after this period and additional fees may apply in order to buy the domain again.

Client Review

The Client will be given the opportunity to review the Website during the design phase at any time up until the design phase is completed. At the time of project completion, the website’s appearance and content will be deemed accepted and approved by the Client. Changes to the Website may be made for free within 10 days of project completion. After this date, changes to the website’s content or appearance will incur a fee.

Project Timeframe

The estimated time to complete the services required by the Client will be included in the Project Overview. In most cases this will be between 7 - 14 days unless stated otherwise. If during the design phase, requests to change the content and appearance of the website are made, the estimated time to completion may increase. The Client will be notified of any changes to the estimated time to completion.

If the Client requires the services to be completed by a certain deadline that is shorter than 7 days, an additional fee of £25 will be added to the total of the requested Services. Publication of the Website online can be delayed until a certain date requested by the Client.

Max Diamond is a web and software developer from West Yorkshire specialising in assisting businesses with their online presence through web design, hosting, domains and more.

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